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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

You might plan on taking a break from the Military Diet during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all hope of diet success. Just breaking even during the holidays can be considered a win, as in not gaining weight. The holidays are a time to relax a bit, but don’t pressure yourself to lose weight when everyone else is enjoying themselves. Focus on maintenance and get back on the Military Diet in January. We’ve outlined some simple ways to cut out holiday weight gain pitfalls and maintain your weight no matter how festive things get.

Stay active! While the rest of the family is sitting on the couch watching football and stuffing their faces with chips and dip, take the dog for a walk around the block. Or take the kids for a sled ride. You will all enjoy yourselves and soon become a favourite with the dogs and kids.

Choose a small plate to keep your buffet portions in check. We tend to eat larger than normal portions off larger plates, seems like a no brainer. It’s way easier to maintain portion control on a smaller plate.

Don’t lose sleep over the holidays. Sleep deprivation is a cause of weight gain. If you don’t get enough sleep, you are hungrier and do less physical activity. Low metabolism is linked to sleep deprivation too.

Try not to stress out. Between presents, family, food and shopping, the holidays create extra stress in your life. People who get stressed have higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that’s released in response to stress. High cortisol levels lead to weight gain. Make time for mediation and yoga. Learn how to say no to things that add more stress to the holidays. Ask for help to lighten your load over the holidays. Instead of doing ALL the cooking, host a potluck.

Eat more protein. Christmas is a carb wonderland, between the potatoes, bread, cookies, and chips. Make sure to balance your meals with protein because it increases your metabolism. Add fish, beans or quinoa to your plate and reduce to chance of overindulging on carbs. You will feel better an hour later too, without the carb crash.

If you’re attending a gathering at someone else’s house, bring a healthy dish to share – a dish that’s aligned with your diet plan. You don’t have control over what others serve, so if you’re worried their way of eating isn’t compatible with yours, bringing your own healthy dish gives you control over what you eat.

Liquid calories like eggnog and special coffees are everywhere during the holiday season. An eggnog with rum can have over 300 calories in one glass, a couple of those is the equivalent of eating a big mac. Same goes for sugary mixes and alcohol, they’re all just empty calories that end up on your waist. Alcohol leads to hunger which leads to bad decisions and weight gain. Use club soda or sparkling water in place of sweetened beverages. Cinnamon is low calorie and adds great flavour to holiday drinks.

Step on the scale now and then. A regular morning check in lets you stay away from weight gain denial. Don’t get obsessed but keep your eye on the scale to make sure you are maintaining your weight and not gaining. The scale doesn’t lie, but our stretchy holiday pants sure do.

Avoid processed foods like boxed stuffing or cookie mixes, and focus on making all food from scratch. Then you know what’s going into your food.

Visit the buffet table ONCE. Wait 15 minutes after your first plate and if you actually feel real hunger, then visit the buffet again. An endless line of goodies is too tempting to linger around. Get some of your favourites (on your small plate) and walk away instead of grazing.

Water is your friend. Sometimes our body confuses thirst with hunger and we end up eating more calories because we’re dehydrated, easy to do if we’re drinking more alcohol than usual over the holidays too. Have a glass of water 10 minutes between you eat to make sure what you’re really feeling is hunger when you approach the buffet table.

Don’t skip breakfast even if you know you’ll be attending a big party later on. You might attempt to save calories that way but your plan will likely backfire. If you skip breakfast, you’re likely going to be starving later on and overeat. Eat a good breakfast with protein like eggs and peanut butter, not donuts or muffins.