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Military Diet Results

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Check out Youtube for videos on Military Diet Reviews and Results. Here’s a sampling:

Jill Does Vlogs talks about what to eat and substitute. She made a killer error on the Military Diet by substituting oranges for Grapefruit. The only substitute for grapefruit is baking soda. Why? The body’s pH levels are either alkaline or acid. If the body has more of an acidic environment, fat flourishes. If the body is more alkaline, fat burns better. Grapefruit and baking soda contribute to an alkaline environment in the body.

All Jill’s food comes from Target which is pretty affordable and easy to find. However, Jill talks about reduced sugar and buys reduced fat peanut butter instead. You do need to watch your sugar on the Military Diet but you don’t need to skimp on the fat content of any of the foods. The fats on the diet are all healthy fats and actually help contribute to more fat burning, not less.

Jill is right about drinking lots of water. And she has great taste in vanilla ice cream: Hagen Daaz. It’s certainly a challenge to eat just one or half a cup of that stuff.

This dieter lost four pounds in a week, a pretty good result. She recommends the Military Diet for quick and easy weight loss if you have an event coming up where you need to look your best.

Jenna from Youtube updates us from her car. Over all Jenna liked the Military diet and would do it again. She said the diet got her back on track with her eating habits. Even though Jenna cheated on day three with a grilled chicken salad, she still lost four pounds and said she’d try the Military Diet again.

Ms Tweet started out at 5’9 and 170 pounds. Not fat by any stretch but she just wanted to fit back into her skinny shorts. Ms Tweet lost 6 pounds on the Military Diet. She felt hungry a lot of the time and the Military Diet felt like more of a fast for her than a diet. She talks about needing to using sweetener in your coffee or tea as a requirement of the diet. This is no such requirement on the Military Diet. In fact we don’t recommend any sweeteners except Stevia.