Eggs and the Military Diet

Eggs are a key ingredient on the Military Diet which is excellent news because eggs are easily the cheapest source of protein available on the planet and they are so easy to prepare.

So, why are eggs good for you? They’re a delicious source of protein and full of health boosting amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and iron. Yolks get a bad rap from the food industry because of the cholesterol content but nutritionists have always said that your body gets maximum health benefits when the yolk is consumed too. The yolk has plenty of added vitamins like A, D and B as well as around 16 grams of protein.

Eggs are a complete food that keeps hunger pangs away, which is always helpful on the Military Diet.

How to enjoy eggs on the Military Diet:

Boiled: When cooked in water, hard boiled eggs contain only 5 grams of fat and a total of around 78 calories. They can be enjoyed with a dash of salt and pepper or spread on toast.

Poached: Poached eggs are made by breaking open the shells in a pan of boiling water. It looks just like a sunny side up egg when done, minus any extra calories that add up when cooking with oil.

Scrambled: Traditional recipes list milk or cream as a necessary ingredient to get the fluffiest eggs, but using water instead while whisking doesn’t compromise on the taste.

Eggs on the Military DietFried Eggs: Don’t be afraid to fry your eggs on the Military Diet. You don’t have to use cooking oil or spray to make a tasty fried egg. All you need is a non-stick pan and you can make yourself a sunny side up without using any oil.