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Military Diet Review

An in depth review of the 3 Day Military Diet…

Are you thinking about trying the Military Diet? Maybe you’ve heard the quick weight loss promises and seen the popularity of the diet on Facebook and Pinterest. But is it really possible to lose up to 10 pounds per week or 30 pounds per month? You bet it is. Let’s do a quick review of the Military Diet:

The Military Diet is the only diet review that includes ice cream!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

People are skeptical about diets that promise rapid weight loss because they sound too good to be true. There’s no magic fairy dust behind the Military Diet, just stick with it and see for yourself.

The Military Diet is aimed at people who want to lose weight fast. Instant results motivate dieters, giving them a better chance of sticking with it and losing even more weight. It’s three days of your life on the Military Diet, what do you have to lose except unwanted pounds?

The Military Diet is great for over eaters and binge eaters. Because the portions on the Military Diet are so clear, you can’t overeat if you stick to the diet. And with meals that incorporate salt, sugar, and carbs, there’s no feeling of deprivation.

Weight loss on the Military Diet is not just water weight

Dieting makes you lose fat, not water. When you kick start weight loss on the Military Diet, sometimes people claim it’s just water weight you lose. This is one of the biggest weight loss myths on the internet. So how did the myth originate? If your current diet is really unhealthy and you eat tons of salt and drink soda, you retain water naturally. When you start eating a healthier diet and drinking actual water, you flush some of that excess water out of your system. So naturally a change of diet can cause you to lose some water, but calorie deficit dieting makes you lose fat, not water.

BoxingScene.com debunks the water weight loss myth: “There is no water storage gland in the human body that empties upon dieting. The proponents of this fallacy usually argue that the breakdown of glycogen in the liver, a common occurrence in the body of a dieter, causes a release of water. The human liver weighs about 3 pounds and glycogen accounts for only about 10% of this. So, water from the liver could only contribute to less than half a pound loss, and that’s if all of its weight were water.”

You won’t gain weight back on the Military Diet

You can’t eat just grapefruit and saltines everyday for eternity, but the good news is that you don’t have to. Once you lose 10 pounds, you only gain it back because you eat more calories than you burn off. The average woman can eat 2000 calories a day without gaining weight. That’s a pretty generous calorie allowance. The average 14 inch Pizza hut pizza has 2400 hundred calories. Add a liter of Coke and you’re up to 2800 calories. So if you eat a pizza for dinner every night, you certainly will gain weight back. Two big Macs have 1100 calories, so if you eat a Big Mac for lunch and dinner, have a Denny’s Grand Slam for breakfast and throw in a few donuts, you will also gain back any weight you lost too. But if you’re eating 2000 calories or less per day, you cannot gain the weight back. That is a mathematical fact.

You won’t go into Starvation mode on the Military Diet

Another top internet myth is that dieting causes the body to go into starvation mode. You’re not actually starving yourself on the Military Diet so you can’t go into starvation mode. To go into so-called starvation mode, you need to eat less than 1000 calories per day for a continual period of weeks or months. The Military Diet offers at least 1000 calories per day and it’s only for three days a week. Forms of intermittent fasting, like the Military Diet, actually increase your metabolic rate instead of lowering it. The body burns fat as fuel and your muscles turn into fat burning machines.

Yes, you might feel hungry sometimes on the Military Diet

Hunger is just a feeling that comes and goes, not a dangerous state of being. Portions on the Military Diet are probably smaller than what you’re used to, especially if you’re overweight. So yes, you will feel hungry sometimes. But you will lose weight. Remember, hunger is just a feeling we’ve all grown too accustomed to satisfying. The Military Diet is a great reboot for your body.
The Military Diet is inexpensive and easy to shop for

You probably have at least half of what you need for the Military Diet in your home already. There’s no potions to buy off the internet, no special secret ingredients. You can find everything you need for the Military Diet at your local grocery story.