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Tuna on the Military Diet

Tuna is one of the most widely consumed fish in the world and the good news is that it can be highly beneficial for people who want to lose a few inches off their waistline. As we all know, lean protein is a dieter’s best friend.

Every 3 ounces of tuna canned in water has around 22 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of fat, so it’s safe to enjoy tuna a few times a week.

Yes, it’s okay to eat tuna that doesn’t come in a can on the Military Diet!

Besides its protein content, tuna also helps reduce stroke risk, keeps the heart healthy and maintains good eye health. Feeling blue of late? Then enjoy some tuna, because the presence of rich omega 3 fats helps boost your mood. We could all use a mood boost on the Military Diet!

Other than freshly caught, tuna is available as canned chunks which are either water or oil based. We recommend choosing canned tuna chunks in water as opposed to oil for a lower calorie option.

So What’s Cooking?

Dieticians say that often it’s not the ingredient itself which is fattening or unhealthy but the method of preparation that amps up the calorie count. For instance, when fresh tuna is broiled or baked or canned tuna is eaten as is, the calorie count is quite low. When cheesy sauces or extra oil are added to the tuna, you have a high calorie dish which is a big NO on the Military Diet.

Here are 3 ways to eat tuna on the Military Diet without adding any/many calories:

Grilled Tuna: Before grilling tuna, use a brush to apply a light coating of either lemon juice or virgin olive oil.

Open Sandwich: Grab a slice of multigrain bread and spread a thin layer of tuna flakes on it. Beat the temptation to add mayo and reach out for a sprinkle of pepper instead. Or some diced green onions will add zing at less than 2 calories per tablespoon.

Baked Tuna: Up for something new? Try baking your tuna instead of grilling it. Add a small marinade of lemon juice and fresh herbs to the fish before baking. Chives, basil or thyme all come to mind.