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Can I lose 10 pounds in 3 days?

How to be successful on the 3 day Military Diet and lose 10 pounds in 3 days…

Follow the diet plan as it was created. Sure you can use the substitutions to modify the 3 Day Military Diet, but mostly stick to the plan to get results.

Be tough. The Military Diet wasn’t named after the actual military, it was named after the kind of discipline you’ll need to get through it. Think of it as a boot camp for your body.

Exercise if you feel up to it. Walking just 20 minutes a day can boost your weight loss significantly on the Military Diet, especially if you walk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Exercise is not essential during the Military Diet, but light exercise will definitely enhance your fat loss results. Exercise burns calories and because you will not be eating as much as normal, your body is going to burn fat. If you already exercise regularly, continue to do so unless you feel really tired or weak.

Drink lots of water before and after every meal to get that full feeling. And staying hydrated is very important on the Military Diet.

Get a friend or family member to do the Military Diet with you. It’s good to be accountable to someone else when the going gets tough. The element of competition doesn’t hurt either.

Weigh yourself before and after the diet. Also take measurements. Nothing motivates a person like progress. Don’t forget to try on your skinny jeans before and after the diet.

Keep up your vitamin C levels. Good old vitamin C is a fat burner. People with low concentrations of Vitamin C burn less fat than people with normal levels of the vitamin. Just one dose of this powerful antioxidant helps the body transform fat from food into energy instead of storing it in the body. Vitamin C creates the compound carnitine, a metabolic super charger. The minimum daily dose of Vitamin C is 75mg for women and 90mg for men. It’s safe to add a Vitamin C supplement of up to 400mg to your diet.

Don’t snack on the 3 day Military Diet. If you look at the Military Diet plan, there are no snacks included between meals. Adding extra calories to the diet plan is going to sabotage your weight loss. If you follow the diet plan and its caloric limits, you will lose weight. If you cheat on the Military Diet, you will not lose weight.

Don’t shop when you are hungry.Buy the ingredients before starting the diet to avoid aisles and aisles of temptation in the grocery store. Don’t derail yourself before you get started.

Don’t pig out on your days off! Don’t go crazy on your four days off if you want to see maximum results on the Military Diet. Eat like you normally would, or better, but don’t overcompensate for the 3 days of dieting by bingeing on everything in sight. On the four days off, we recommend a diet of about 1300 – 1500 calories per day, made of up lean protein, veggies and easy on the carbs. That’s the very least you can do to make the Military diet work for you.

Don’t forget to make sure any substitutions you use have the same caloric value as what you’re replacing. Remember, a cup of tuna is not the same as a cup of almonds.

Don’t use artificial sweeteners except Stevia.

Don’t replace the grapefruit with orange, read more about this on the Military Diet substitutions page.

Don’t skimp on fat on the Military Diet. Fat revs up your metabolic rate. Over the years, everyone has become fat phobic. Not all fats are bad! We recommend eating good fats at every meal. In other words, even when you’re on the Military Diet. You don’t need to eat ‘fat free’ versions of anything. Don’t buy fat free ice cream or fat free yogurt. It sounds counter intuitive, but fat burns fat… Eliminating fat from your diet is a bad weight loss strategy. Eating fat makes you feel fuller, longer. Eating fat shuts down hunger hormones. Fat also boosts antioxidant absorption which promotes leanness. Fat dials up your metabolic rate which means you burn more calories.