Low Calorie Seasonings for the Military Diet

Seasonings bring a lot of zest to the Military Diet when you get tired of the same old and want to enhance the food you’re putting in your mouth. Seasonings like white sauces, cheese, butter or fresh cream are forbidden on the Military Diet, but don’t despair. Eating grilled, roasted or steamed veggies and lean protein is a sure way to slim down on the Military Diet. But when it comes to making food tasty, we’re ready to take on the challenge.

Six seasonings that add 10 calories or less to the Military Diet menu…

Lemon: It’s a staple favorite with chefs all over the world for good reason. Besides enhancing the flavor of both veggies and meat, lemon juice is loaded with Vitamin C and a natural health booster. Adding diced garlic to the juice builds up your immunity too. Try this on your grilled tuna.

Orange Juice: Elsewhere we recommend staying away from OJ on the Military Diet, but for just a little flavor, sometimes sour and tangy tastes work well with veggies. So instead of drinking a glass of orange juice every day, how about adding a tablespoon or two of this juice to your veggies or meat? We promise your taste buds will hit the roof! Try adding OJ to the food on the Military Diet days off plan too.

Basil: Basil is a must in Italian cuisine but did you know these green leaves pack a punch when it comes to natural goodness? Basil is a cancer buster and promotes heart health. Simply crush the leaves and add to food before serving.

Tumeric: This Indian spice has been quietly making waves globally of late. It has highly potent cancer fighting properties and soothes digestive problems too. Simply add one teaspoon to some olive oil and use as a salad dressing. You can also use this as a marinade on meat before grilling.

Ginger: The Chinese love ginger for its flavorful properties and health boosting agents. We suggest grating some ginger and adding to salads, to roasted veggies or using the juice as a marinade on meat and fish.

Cinnamon: You enjoy a dash of cinnamon on desserts or in your coffee, but did you know that this healthy spice can be used in many creative ways? Try making a condiment mix with some pepper, crushed chilies and lemon juice. Baste meat with this marinade before grilling or roasting.