Bread on the Military Diet


Bread on the military dietWhite sandwich bread is still the preferred option for most families and although this kind of bread tastes yummy, it does nothing for your body but bring you down. White bread is made from flour that is stripped of all its nutrients. White bread is one of those processed food products that takes your sugar levels on a joyride only to bring them crashing down again. No wonder people feel hungry within an hour or two after eating white bread.

That’s why whole grain bread is best on the Military Diet, in order to keep energy levels higher without the crash and burn.

Four tips to keep in mind when choosing bread on the Military Diet:


  • Read the label carefully. The bread you choose should contain 100% wholegrain. Don’t be fooled by terms like ‘enhanced bread’, ‘fortified’ or ‘multigrain’. These terms usually just mean white bread is being marketed as healthier than it is.
  • Wholegrain bread with extra bran is a winner! Bran is full of fiber and this means that it helps to keep your digestive system toxin free, prevents heart disease, and has a good helping of vitamins. Most wholegrain breads may also have extra good-for-you ingredients like seeds (flax, chia, pumpkin) or nuts like almonds, walnuts or pine.
  • Any baked bread will have some sugar in it by default because it reacts with yeast to make bread soft and chewable. However, the amount of sugar determines just how healthy the bread really is, so reading the label carefully is important.
  • You know you’re eating the real deal when the bread tastes rough and grainy as you chew. You’ll also find that your hunger pangs are more manageable and that you stay full longer when you eat ‘real bread’.