The Military Diet works great for weight loss emergencies, when we need results fast. 

Losing 10 pounds will get you in your wedding dress or looking good for an important event, but what about the long term effects of weight loss?

If you use the Military Diet longer than a week to lose more than 10 pounds, your life is going to change. Nothing is as transformative as losing a substantial amount of weight. Losing a lot of weight is possible on the Military Diet and you can expect to redefine how you feel about yourself and how others feel about you too. Beyond new skinny jeans, there are quite a few benefits to shedding substantial pounds.

Read on to discover how your life might change after slimming down.

Better Sex

After weight loss, you’re going to feel more confident naked! That’s just common sense, but science supports the boost in bedroom bliss. In a study at Duke University Medical Center, respondents reported that a 10% weight loss increased sexual satisfaction substantially. Men also experience an increase in testosterone levels after weight loss, meaning they are more easily aroused.

Less Pills

Being at a healthy weight staves off conditions like diabetes and heart disease, but losing weight can improve the symptoms of your current conditions. After a substantial weight loss, you should visit your doctor and see if you can lower the dose of any current medications or stop taking certain pills altogether. Your health will improve and your bank balance!

Better Sleep

Most overweight people suffer from sleep apnea or heavy snoring because of excess weight around the neck. Once you’re sleeping better, all other areas of your life improve, including continued weight loss.

Less Seasonal Allergies

Being overweight strains the adrenal glands and respiratory system which can increase allergies and asthma, so weight loss can improve symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the body. Weight loss lessens inflammation and improves arthritis pain.

Lower Alcohol Tolerance

The smaller you are, the less alcohol your body can tolerate. This means different things to different drinkers, but ingesting fewer calories and spending less money on wine is a definite bonus for everyone.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Obesity increases cancer risk because of inflammation in the body. Losing just 5% of your body weight significantly lowers inflammation in the body and your risk of cancer.

Lower Body Temperature

Obese people feel warmer than their thinner counterparts because of higher levels of thyroid hormones. And when you’re overweight, fat insulates the body and raises your core temperature. You can expect to feel cooler after weight loss so you might need some new sweaters in your repertoire.

Strained Relationships

Whereas your sex life might improve, you need to watch out for the green eyed monster, jealousy. Friends might be jealous of your weight loss, but your romantic partner may get jealous too if you’re receiving more attention from the opposite sex. Your partner might also feel threatened by the new you, especially if they need to make health changes of their own or lose weight. Keep communication open and don’t let anyone’s jealousy keep you from improving your own life.

More Career Opportunities

Obese people make less money than their normal weight co-workers. Reaching a healthy weight may increase your odds of getting a raise or promotion.

More Energy

Of course you’re going to have more energy when you’re lugging around less weight because your body needs less energy to do it. Carrying less weight also leaves you less winded after any kind of exertion.

Better Finances

People with a healthy weight spend less money on medical bills and health than overweight people.

Better Hair and Skin

After losing weight, slimmer folks report glowing skin and hair with more body.