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Debunking Military Diet Myths

Using science and expert weight loss opinion, we look at the criticisms of the Military Diet

The Military Diet has legions of fans on the internet, because it works. Check out Facebook and Pinterest to see how many fans of the three day Military Diet exist. And the Military Diet has lots of critics on the internet too, because it works. Nobody wants to believe something is too good to be true, even when it is.

Nutritionists stake their careers and pay checks on spouting the same old propaganda, fad diets don’t work. Their bread and butter is promoting long term healthy eating, and obviously that’s important. But when you need to lose weight quickly, the 3 day Military Diet is here for you, without ANY harmful side effects.

Below, we take the most common criticisms of the Military Diet and debunk them. Forget about the naysayers and start the diet. It’s three days of your life, all you have to lose is weight…

Myth 1: “Weight loss on the Military Diet is just water weight loss”

“You will only lose water weight!” is one of the top internet weight loss myths. When a person starts dieting, there is no magical place in the body where water is stored that disappears when you reduce calories or change your eating habits. People who believe the myth of water weight loss get their facts confused… And so called nutritionists and diet experts should know better!

When you eat carbs, your body stores whatever can’t be used in the form of glycogen. The glycogen is stored in the liver to be used at a later date. When you’re dieting and reducing calories and losing weight, your glycogen levels drop. Glycogen carries water with it, meaning if you lose glycogen, you lose some water too. This happens on a small scale during the first few days of a diet if you restrict your carb intake. But this amount is small, usually a pound or less and is a tiny portion of weight loss on the Military Diet. So the idea that someone can lose 10 lbs of “water weight” is absurd.




Myth 2: “A low calorie diet like the Military Diet will put your body into starvation mode.”

“STARVATION MODE!” is another top internet diet myth. Starvation mode refers to long term metabolic damage, not something that happens on the three day Military Diet. Starvation mode doesn’t happen in just a few days of dieting, or even a week. People get really carried away throwing around the term ’starvation mode’ and implying that eating too few calories will reduce your metabolism so that you gain weight instead of losing. This is impossible.

In a very general way, the body’s metabolic rate starts to drop after a long time when you’re burning more calories than you eat. But the drop in metabolism is never high enough to offset the caloric deficit. That is, say that cutting your calories by 50% per day leads to a reduction in the metabolic rate of 10%. Not exactly ‘starvation mode’ when you still have a 40% daily deficit. But this is in extreme cases and does NOT APPLY to the 3 day Military Diet.


Myth 3: “You won’t lose weight on the Military Diet”

Lots of people lose 5-10 pounds in a week. Read Facebook, check out Youtube… here are a couple of links to get you started:


Myth 4: “The food is unhealthy on the Military Diet”

Compared to what? Eggs and Bacon for breakfast on the Keto diet? Fast food? Processed food? The food on the Military Diet is everyday food most people already have in their kitchen. Nobody is telling you to eat tapeworms, cabbage or cotton balls, unlike some other diets out there. The Military Diet is simple to follow with easy to prepare foods you can buy in any grocery store.

Myth 5: “The Military Diet isn’t really a three day plan.”

Yes, the Military Diet is a three day plan. You can do the Military Diet for just three days and get the results you want. We suggest a healthy diet for the four days off, but that doesn’t change the 3 day Military Diet if you want to go back to regular eating after completing the three day plan.

Myth 6: “The military didn’t invent the Military Diet”

This website never claimed the military invented the Military Diet. The name comes from the discipline and willpower it takes to stay on the diet and follow it, just like the willpower and discipline it takes to stay in the military.

Myth 7: “There is no evidence for fat burning foods on the Military Diet”

Most of the staple foods on the Military Diet like eggs, lean meat, beans, peanut butter, and grapefruit are all well known and widely recognized as fat burning foods.




Myth 8: “The Military Diet is a fad diet”

If by fad you meaning something you follow for a short time, then yes, the Military Diet is a fad diet. So what? Odds are you aren’t going to follow the Military Diet for the rest of your life, but use the diet when you need to, for a week here and there. Who doesn’t want an easy diet?

The three day Military Diet is short and simple. Most weight loss diets are complicated and require you to weigh and measure all your food, or take supplements. Usually you have to buy a long list of ingredients and take a lot of time out of your day to prepare food. Complicated diets promote slow and steady weight loss, which is fine if you have the time to lose those unwanted pounds. Most of us do not have that much time before a wedding or a last minute cruise.



Myth 9: “You will gain the weight back right away on the Military Diet”

No you won’t. You are not going to gain back the weight you lost on the Military Diet unless you start eating more calories than you burn.