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Does the Military Diet Work? Check out the Military Diet Reviews below:

Ashley Elliot’s Review of the Military Diet


It’s Ashley. I’m going to be starting the Military Diet and I’m gonna do it for three days. It’s also known as the three-day diet and you guys might not have heard of this, you might have. I’ve never tried this before but I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on YouTube about it so I’m gonna go ahead and tell you everything I’ll be eating for three days straight. Day one, for breakfast is gonna be a slice of toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter, half a grapefruit and one cup of coffee or tea. For lunch on day one is a slice of toast, half a cup of tuna and another cup of coffee or tea. For dinner on day one is going to be 3 ounces of any meat of your choice with a cup of green beans a small apple, half a banana, and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. That’s weird but I’m okay with that.

So for day 2, breakfast is going to be a slice of toast, one hard-boiled egg, half a banana, 1 cup of coffee or tea. For lunch on day 2 is going to be one hard-boiled egg, 1 cup of cottage cheese which is disgusting but whatever. Five saltine crackers and another cup of coffee or tea and for dinner on day two is gonna be 2 hot dogs with no bun, half a cup of carrots, 1/2 a cup of broccoli, half a banana and half a cup of vanilla ice cream. Day three is going to be for breakfast, it’s gonna be one ounce slice of cheddar cheese, five saltine crackers, one small apple and a cup of coffee or tea. For lunch on day three is one slice of toast, one egg cooked however you want it and a cup of coffee or tea for dinner. On day three is gonna be one cup of tuna, half a banana and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

So that’s gonna be everything I will be consuming for three days straight. So today is Tuesday. I’m gonna go grocery shopping today I’m gonna go get all these things and I’m gonna start tomorrow which is Wednesday. So I’ll do Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. On Saturday morning I will come back and show you guys the results just like I did in my egg diet video. This one, it has at least more variety than my egg diet so I hope you guys enjoy these videos.

It’s just a challenge and this diet is supposed to help you lose 10 pounds in 3 days. Now I don’t know about that, I think that’s a little extreme. I think that’s a little unrealistic but I’m gonna I’m gonna test this out and we’re gonna see together, so tomorrow on Wednesday, I’m gonna show you guys my body my weight and then on Saturday morning I will do the same thing show you guys my weight and my body, see the improvements, see the results. I’ve seen a lot of people on YouTube try this and the results are pretty good. I haven’t seen anybody that had bad results from this.

So I just want to give an update on how I’m feeling, how I’m doing. By the way, I didn’t want to do as much
talking in this video like I did in my egg diet video. If you haven’t watched my egg type video go ahead and check it out. I will link it down below but I want to see if you guys like this this a little better, where I’m talking less and just showing you my food in my meals but real quick update on how I’m feeling.

I’m feeling okay. I actually feel good as far as just feeling a little bit lighter but at night I get very very hungry last night. I was hungry. I wanted to just stop and order a pizza but I did it because you know I want to do this and as well as prove to myself once again that I have the discipline to go three days without eating like crap. I just feel a little bit lighter and as you can see I lost two pounds on the first day so that’s really good.

By the way, my coffee in the morning… I will go get an iced black coffee with three shots of espresso so that’s why I split it up. I drink half at breakfast and I drink half at lunch in case you were confused about my coffee. That’s what I’m doing. It has no sugar. It’s just iced black coffee because it’s much easier to drink.

I wanted to give you guys a quick update on how it’s going. It is the end of day 3. I just had my dinner so I had my very last meal for this diet. Third day is gonna be your lowest calorie day so I’m very very hungry. I’m ready for this to be over. I mean I’m really happy that I’ve made it this far, I’m happy I am finishing but now it’s about 5:30 p.m and I have to go the rest of the night without eating anything and my husband just went to go make cookies and I’m like why would you do this to me?

This is my update day 3 the end of the diet. I had my last meal which I did not do tuna again because I couldn’t. I just didn’t want to do tuna again so I did the chicken that I showed you guys and that’s it so I’ll see you guys tomorrow for my weigh-in and my body check. The diet is over. This diet was very hard. You guys last night was very very hard. I almost gave up like three times because my husband made cookies, he went and got Popeye chicken sandwiches and he got two. He was like oh I got you one just in case you changed your mind. No I’m not changing my mind, like I’m doing this because we’re on the third day. I would be stupid to give up on the very last minute.

I’m about to weigh myself. So I started out at 187 and that was three days ago, so I’m about to weigh myself and we’ll see how we did and I’m also gonna show you guys my body. I do recommend this diet if you have like an important event that you’re trying to look really nice for like you know if your birthday in three days or if your wedding is in three days and you really need to shed like five pounds before that so you can fit into a dress without being bloated. I would recommend it for something like that but this is not something that you could actually keep up with long term.

I am 181 pounds so that means I lost 6 pounds on this diet which is really great for 3 days that means I lost 2 pounds every day and by the way 181 is the lowest I have been in over a year because I was 175 when I got pregnant. I got up to 220 when I gave birth and then I’ve been sitting around 183 – about 187 since then and so 181 is a very lowest I’ve been in a very long time so I’m really happy. I’m happy. I’m hoping to get into the 170s here soon so anyways you guys let me go show you my body real quick and then I’ll give you my final thoughts on this diet. Okay so here’s my body on the very last day, we’re on day 4 after the 3 day military diet and my stomach, I feel like it’s a little bit flatter than it was on that first day. Let me know what you guys think about the difference, if there is a difference.

Michelle Mendez’s Review of the Military Diet:

Michelle lost three pounds but her husband stuck with the diet and lost 9 pounds! Michelle recommends the diet for a weight loss emergency even though you go to bed a bit hungry.

Ariel Anh’s Review of the Military Diet

Ariel Anh tried the diet 3 days before attending a wedding. She found the third day hard as she experienced some “hanger”. She took her weights and measurements before the diet. In the end she lost an inch off her bust and she lost 5 pounds in three days.

Whitaker’s Way Review of the Military Diet

Whitaker’s Way lost 3 pounds on the Military Diet. Watching the video, she substituted Nutella for peanut butter, added butter to her toast, drank coffee with milk, and added cheese and bananas. In the end she was a bit disappointed with her weight loss but felt she should have been drinking more water.

Miss Yanyi’s Review of the Military Diet

The sensible cutie pie Miss Yanyi tried the Military Diet as a new year diet challenge. And she had a vacation to Cancun coming up, bikini time! As we’ve said before, the Military Diet gets great results for weight loss emergencies like tropical holidays or a wedding. Miss Yanyi didn’t feel deprived or starving the first day, but she was hungry and weak by the end. Miss Yanyi is used to working out four times a week and doesn’t recommend strenuous workouts if you’re feeling light headed on the Military diet, safety first! The sugar and carbs in the ice cream helped Miss Yanji keep the faith. Yanyi’s Military Diet results were a loss of only 2 pounds. However, we remind everyone that results may vary. Miss Yanyi didn’t have much body fat to begin with because she already eats well and works out more than most people. Yanyi’s sister joined her on the diet and lost 5 pounds. Retraining eating habits and controlling cravings were the big takeaways from the Military Diet by Miss Yanyi.
Kassia Parliament’s Review of the Military Diet

Kassia and her grandma did the Military Diet together. Kassia lost 7 pounds and her grandma lost 10 pounds. Both ladies said they were hungry on the Military Diet, but if you stick with it, you get real results!