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Green Tea on the Military Diet

Green Tea on the Military Diet

Even though caffeine is already part of the Military Diet, most of us need our daily fix to get through the day anyway. If coffee isn’t for you, how about an even healthier beverage that gives you more than 10 health benefits at the same time?

Green tea accelerates weight loss on the Military Diet

Say hello to green tea,  the Military dieter’s best friend. Just like coffee is known for its versatility, green tea too comes in a variety of flavors to keep your taste buds happy. So, we know that green tea can help ward off cancer, lower the risk of Alzheimer’s, improve oral health and even reduce the risk of getting Type II diabetes. But, how exactly is it going to help you lose weight on the Military Diet?

Here’s how this wonder fat burner works:

  • Green tea is heavily loaded with antioxidants called catechins which are known to burn fat and enhance one’s metabolism.
  • Regular consumption of green tea has a direct effect on the body’s hormones which in turn play a big role in breaking down fat cells.
  • Research shows that when combined with exercise and a healthy diet, green tea intake burns fat by up to 17% more.
    It’s no secret that even when we sleep, our body is constantly burning calories. Regular green tea drinkers burn 3 – 4% more calories every day when compared to people who don’t drink green tea.
  • Green tea lovers claim that they tend to eat lesser when consuming this beverage regularly. Science says it’s possible that green tea prevents the full absorption of fat from food.
  • And finally, here’s our favorite weight loss benefit. Losing fat around the abdominal area is a lot harder than it looks because the visceral fat which is found covering the body organs takes a lot longer to burn as compared to fat deposits in other parts of the body. That’s where our green hero steps in! Research says that losing the fat in the abdomen is much easier when green tea is a regular part of your diet. No wonder fans swear by their cup of green whenever they need a pick-me-up.

It’s quite simple really – make green tea a part of your every day on or off the Military Diet and you’ll have taken the first step to wellness from within.