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Military Diet Success Story

A 3 day Military Diet weight loss success story

Kassia Parliament had amazing success on the 3 day Military Diet, shedding seven pounds of stubborn baby weight. She did the diet with her grandmother who lost ten pounds. They were floored by their results on the Military Diet.


I’m really excited because I’m actually about to go grocery shopping for all of my groceries for the Military Diet. A lot of people are asking me how it works and what I’m going to be doing. You’re only really eating hotdogs, tuna and bread. It’s kind of interesting because you’re not eating a lot of food, but it’s the types of food that you’re eating that’s going to actually help you burn all that fat. And the amount that you’re eating.

So basically I’m going to be eating three meals a day, lots and lots of water and that’s it. You’re allowed a coffee and a tea with your meals but you’re not allowed any sugar or any cream. It’s crazy because people are actually losing a lot of weight on this. The most someone lost is 10 pounds and the least amount of weight someone lost is to 2 or 3 pounds. I’m kind of interested and I really want to do this.

So I was wondering if people wanted to see what it’s like and if it actually works. Who doesn’t want to lose that extra pound? You lose a lot of weight. What I’m going to be doing is showing you my meals throughout the day, my breakfast lunch and dinner and i will be telling you how I feel, if I’m hungry, if it fills me up. Another thing, I’m going to be weighing myself the day of the diet when I started and then weigh myself after the diet, so I’m going to see how much I lose.

I’m really excited to do this. As a mom, you have so much baby weight and especially being a mom two years in a row. I want the weight gone. I’m excited and I hope this works and I hope it works for you guys too.

I just got home. I thought I’d just show you guys what I got. I had most of the stuff but I went and picked up some stuff. You’ll need carrots, bananas, tuna, grapefruit, broccoli, hot dogs, eggs and I’m using almond hazelnut butter. It’s actually healthier for you too instead of peanut butter. I got cottage cheese, vanilla ice cream, the salted crackers, apples, green beans, cheddar cheese and green tea. That’s all you need.

It is day one and this is my breakfast. I have a slice of toast, wholegrain with almond hazelnut butter. You can use peanut butter but I just use what I have. Half a grapefruit, a green tea, no sugar, no milk, nothing and then water. For lunch I’m having a slice of bread, half a cup of tuna, one green tea, no sugar, no milk, and one bottled water. I’m literally starving. I have a cup of ice cream. I have a cup of green beans. I have three ounces of lean meat, half a banana and apple and some water. So I’m really going to enjoy this.

It’s the morning of day two and this is my breakfast. I’m having a slice of toast, no butter, and then one egg, half a banana, a green tea and a water bottle. It’s day 2 and this is my lunch. I’m having one cup of cottage cheese, one hard-boiled egg and five saltine crackers with a bottle of water. And this is my dinner. I’m having half a cup of vanilla ice cream, two hot dogs, a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots. I have a banana and some water. I’m a mess but you will not believe how much weight I lost in two days. I’m actually floored. It’s so exciting!

You guys have to do the Military Diet.

It’s day three and this is my breakfast. I’m having a slice of cheddar cheese, a small apple, five saltine crackers and a hard-boiled egg and water. It’s day three and this is my lunch. I’m having a slice of bread, whole wheat. I’m also having a hard boiled egg and a bottle of water. You can have this any way you’d like, you can cook the egg and put it on a slice of toast, just as long as you’re having one slice of toast and one egg. It is day three and this is my dinner. I have a cup of vanilla ice cream, a cup of tuna, and a water bottle. I’m also missing half a banana, only because out of all the fruit I have, I decided to give my son my last banana, so that’s what I’m missing on the plate.

So day four, that’s when you weigh yourself. I came straight over in the morning to my grandmother’s house because we wanted to weigh ourselves. My grandmother also did the Military Diet for two reasons. Because I really wanted her to do it with me and second, I just wanted to see what two different body types would be like to this diet. My grandmother actually lost ten pounds and I lost seven, so that’s actually pretty good and I’m actually shocked, so if anyone wants to do this diet, I really highly highly highly recommend it because it really works. If you just stick to it, you do the three meals a day, you will lose the weight on the Military Diet.

We just wanted to share with you guys about how we feel about the 3 day Military Diet. We’ve come to the conclusion that the diet does really work but you really have to stick to it. My grandmother found that she was really hungry, there’s no doubt about it, she felt hungry through the whole diet but she said if you stick with it you really will lose the weight.

The meals satisfied me. When I ate, I didn’t feel full but I didn’t feel like I had to eat anymore, if that makes any sense. Then when it came time for lunch, I was really hungry, like it was time to eat. That’s my opinion about the Military Diet. We are planning to do it every week for three days, so we’re gonna still do the same diet, but we’re going to tweak it a little. Instead of tuna, we might have three ounces of chicken. I hope you guys try it out. The Military Diet really does work. My grandmother lost ten pounds and I lost seven.