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Four misleading foods items

We know all about foods that help you lose weight and eat better, right? WRONG! Below are four foods that have been relentlessly marketed as “healthy” and “good for you”. In reality, these are some of the worst offenders for putting your body into fat storing mode.

Orange Juice

We’ve been taught that a well balanced breakfast includes a glass of orange juice, but orange juice actually contains up to FIVE times the sugar of ONE whole orange, even if it’s freshly squeezed. Juicing destroys the natural nutrients and antioxidants of real oranges. And it removes all the fiber. Fiber is necessary for breaking down sugar in the digestive system. When you drink a glass of OJ, all you’re drinking is sugar and empty calories, causing your blood sugar to spike and throw your body into fat storing mode. It’s always better to eat a whole orange than drink orange juice. However, you should never substitute oranges or orange juice for grapefruit on the Military Diet.

Wheat Bread

In most cases, the only difference between wheat and white bread is the color. Breads that market themselves as “whole grain” often contain less whole grains than white bread. Most wheat breads are made with REFINED grains, meaning they are digested quickly and cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop just as quickly. This blood sugar roller coaster damages your metabolism and promotes the storage of belly fat. On the Military Diet, we recommend extreme caution when buying bread. The most important thing to look for is 100% whole grain bread. This should be marked on the packaging. If the package says “wheat” or “multigrain,” chances are it’s white bread in disguise. Whole grains provide a great source of fiber, which keeps you fuller, longer, so that you feel less hungry on the Military Diet. If you’re still confused, look at the grams of fiber on the label. Anything less than two grams probably means it’s refined bread.

Margarine and Spreads

We’ve all been told that butter is bad, so there are tons of butter alternatives on the market. Most of them are far worse for you than actual butter. Highly processed butter alternatives like margarine and spreads contain so many synthetic chemicals and trans-fats. While some spreads claim to contain extra vitamins, they are actually synthetic vitamins that offer no benefits. If the choice is between natural butter or a spread with 15+ synthetic chemical ingredients, always choose natural butter (which is full of good fat.)

Low Fat Yoghurt

Scanning the yogurt section, it’s almost impossible to find yogurt with fat these days. Low fat yoghurt is marketed as part of a healthy weight loss plan when the opposite is true. Almost all low fat yoghurt contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (Equal) or sucralose (Splenda). These sweeteners were created by chemists in a laboratory. They wreak havoc on your body: brain function, internal organs, nervous system, sleep patterns, and more. Artificial sweeteners also make you crave more sugar! And sucralose reduces your good gut bacteria by up to 50%. You need your good gut bacteria for healthier digestion and regular bowel movements. Yoghurt used to be a naturally probiotic food. Now it’s been transformed into a harmful food that increases belly fat! On the Military Diet, we recommend only natural Greek or unsweetened yogurt with at least 2% fat.